• our team



    darren harley

    founder & ceo, Open to Change

    artist / activist / book writer...

    lead guide @ the OTC Experience

    principal @ the OTC Impact Fund


    nita joshi baum

    founder, b*free

    board president, Solar Responders

    freelance / business / wellness ninja

    editor-at-large, Open to Change


    adrian jones

    Harlem born & bred

    dedicated father / community leader

    trainer / photographer / concierge

    impact advisor, Open to Change


    amy harfeld

    Washington, D.C. native

    dedicated mother / community leader

    national policy director / senior staff attorney, Children's Advocacy Institute

    impact advisor, Open to Change


    carl mehling

    native New Yorker

    fossil hunter / natural history specialist

    bone collector @ AMNH

    science advisor, Open to Change


    shareefa abdul-ali

    Spanish Harlem native

    dedicated mother / community listener

    security / enforcement officer

    impact advisor, Open to Change


    seth jacob

    freshman @ Boston University

    enjoys reading, skiing, & learning about

    different places & cultures

    student intern, Open to Change

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