• our book


    an experiential journey through Manhattan,

    blending poetry, music, & quotation,


    with 101 chapters & 30 songs,

    each chapter @ a different location.

  • ...are you open?


    a modern-day, philosophical treatise

    on the human condition




  • our music

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  • our social impact

    100% of net proceeds

    — from our books, our music, our photo-art

    is invested in our

    OTC reparations fund


    combating poverty, racial & economic injustice,

    & gross inequality,

    through art.










  • our projects

    turning art into social impact

    the Luena Foundation

    our Luena Scholars project

    in partnership with the Luena Foundation

    supporting music, art, & general education,

    for under-served children in new york city & beyond.

    OTC Food Justice

    our food justice project

    in partnership with YOU

    delivering high-quality food & wellness,

    to our city's under-served workers & their families.


    our b*free Mentors project

    in partnership with b*free

    empowering aspiring freelancers & entrepreneurs,

    within marginalized communities nationwide.
















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    our Food-Justice Bag
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    open to change


    inspiring, awakening, & empowering

    social change


    since 2000

    term one —> love
    condition one —> be love.
    your privacy is protected & respected.