join us,

    on the streets,

    of New York City,


    for an urban adventure,

    like no other...


    as we guide you,

    through the chapters,

    of our book,


    and share the stories & photos,

    that we took.


  • our book


    an experiential journey through Manhattan,

    blending poetry, music, & quotation,


    with 101 chapters & 30 songs,

    each chapter @ a different location.

  • ...are you open?


    a modern-day, philosophical treatise

    on the human condition




  • our discovery guides

    we're passionate resourceful long-time New Yorkers,

    here to guide you on a journey through change,

    here to help you create an experience of a life-time.

    darren harley

    lead guide

    founder, open to change

    julie simon

    nyc specialist

    jks, inc.

    steve howson

    central park specialist

    one love tours

    nita joshi baum

    freedom specialist


    carl mehling

    natural hist... specialist

    i dig fossils

    laura wootton

    wellness specialist

    sprouting lotus yoga


    so grab a pack,

    a snack,

    and a friend,


    and be sure,

    to bring a sturdy

    pair of shoes,


    as we embark,

    on a life-changing



    set to start,

    at any chapter,

    that you choose.


  • our testimonials


    Princeton, NJ

    "My daughter & I were blown away by Darren's passion for his work. We enjoyed every minute of our OTC tour, and we'll be lining up for his book when it's ready."

    daniel & kalina

    San Jose, CA

    "Who knew New York City could be so inviting? Our Discovery Tour was more than we were expecting. Kudos OTC."

    ariane & jonathan

    New York City

    "We felt like tourists in our own town. Thank you Darren... for opening our hearts to the important social issues at our doorstep. We're behind you OTC!"

    the tylers

    Austin, TX

    "We were referred to OTC by our neighbors in Texas. Wow! What a creative way to see Manhattan. Thank you Mr. Harley."

    robert & debbie

    Melbourne, Australia

    "Biking through the book (and getting to meet all the locals) was definitely the highlight of our trip."

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  • our social impact


    100% of net proceeds

    — from our books, our music, our photo-art


    is invested in our

    OTC reparations fund


    combating poverty, racial & economic

    injustice, & gross inequality,

    through art.

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    open to change


    inspiring, awakening, & empowering

    social change


    since 2000

    term one -- love
    condition one -- be love.
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